Hello and welcome to my little terracotta perfume studio in gorgeous Denver Colorado. I’m Lisa, and I thank you for visiting. 

I transitioned from my role as a licensed esthetician to small batch skincare and perfume handcrafter in 2016.

While I still whip up some skincare products here and there, my heart lies in the wonderous and whimsical world of perfumery. 

Scent is such a powerful sense. It has the ability to elicit memories of long ago and effect our mood. Fragrance can make you feel the way you want to feel or validate the way you are feeling. Scent, to me, is a personal accessory that is as individual and meaningful as a sassy pair of shoes or fierce handbag. It is a reflection of you, your signature, something you will be remembered for.

All Deviant Perfumes are handcrafted in small batches by little ol' me with the finest perfumery materials available. Pure absolutes, organic and botanical extracts combine with industry grade aromatic ingredients for unique fragrances who's essence is just slightly off the beaten path. Intimate, subtle and soft, Deviant Perfumes will never enter a room before you do. With three different styles of application available, you're sure to find your signature scent. 

 Nature is my inspiration and Colorado, with her endless majestic beauty, my muse. Within these perfumes you will find rich woods, bright citrus, delicate florals and sweet gourmands. I am grateful everyday for the beauty that surrounds me, and I use the power of scent to reflect this. I create perfumes to feature not just the botanicals that I adore, but also the feelings that they elicit. I sure hope that all the love I pour into each batch envelops you with each and every wear. Deviate to originate, and smell uniquely you. 

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