Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why are there batch numbers on some of the products?

A:  Any product that contains water will have a batch number on the label.  This is because all batches of product that contain water are sent away for bacterial and fungal testing to ensure every batch is free of contaminants after manufacturing.  This testing is not required by the FDA, however, I believe it to be vitally important to know that I am passing along a safe product.  I also choose to bottle the lotions with sanitary dispensing pumps to avoid contamination once in your hands, and a mini spatula for eye cream which can be easily disinfected at home with an alcohol wipe.  


Q:  Does this testing protect me from allergic reaction?

A:  No.  The microbiology testing is for detecting harmful bacteria only.  All ingredients are listed on the labels aside from specific essential oils used, as there can be many in certain products.   The essential oils are heavily diluted and used at less than 1% of all batches.  We are all savvy consumers in this modern world, and we all have a responsibility to check labels carefully to ensure safety when it comes to allergens and our skin.  


Q:  How come these products feel so different on the skin than store bought lotions?

A:  Using mostly natural products takes some getting used to if you are new to them.  The rate of absorption is a touch slower, but if fewer synthetics are important to you this is a small price to pay.  Arcadian Winds Beauty products work best on slightly moist skin, sealing in the water.  Once absorbed you will truly appreciate the softness and radiance that can be achieved with these gorgeous materials.


Q:  How long are the products good for?

A:  All products containing water are preserved for safety. As with most commercial products, expect them to last roughly 2-3 months if used daily.  Arcadian Winds Beauty recommends using these products within 6 months from purchase to ensure freshness of the natural ingredients.  


Q: Why is there a slight color difference in the same product from my last purchase?

A: When formulating skin products with natural botanicals, the colors will vary from batch to batch, as the colors of the botanicals changes from batch to batch.  Depending on time of year ect, certain extracts will be richer in color and therefore affect the color of the final product.  This is not a formulary change, just another cool side effect of using materials from nature!


Q: What if I just don’t like the product or how it smells after I receive it?

A:  As a super sniffer myself I absolutely understand that everybody has certain preferences and sensitivities to scent.  Personal taste in textures varies greatly as well, and natural products do have a bit of a breaking in period.  Every batch is made with lots of love and pride, and I want you to be 100% as in love with them as I am.  If for any reason you are not, just return the unused portion for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.