Artisan Perfume Oil-SUNLIT LAVENDER
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Artisan Perfume Oil-SUNLIT LAVENDER

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That time of year, just as summer is turning into fall when lavender gets that lovely sugary honied aspect from being bathed in summer sunlight month after month. Gorgeous French lavender absolute combines with hints of other light florals, vanilla, and sugar to produce a most beautiful candied lavender perfect for cooler months.

Perfume oils are a fun way to wear fragrance for those looking for alcohol free options. These 8ML artisan perfume oils are concentrated and only a little dab will do you. Tilt bottle on to a finger and then place small amount on to skin. Best when placed on pulse points like writs and neck. For more intense sillage and longer lasting effects, oils can also be used on tips of hair, back of the neck and on clothing. 

**Due to large percentage of natural materials, contents may settle over time. Shake well to re-blend**

dimethicone, isopropyl myristate, fragrance

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